Sani Campara: Heading to Real Madrid!

Image of Sani Campara: Heading to Real Madrid!

"Heading to Real Madrid!"

Scoutbasketball interviewed Bosnian prospect Sani Campara (PG 1.90 99') after Bosnia and Herzegovina's last game in the World Championship.

Sani Campara has been one of the most consistent players in FIBA's U17 World Championship. Playing for Bosnia and Herzegovina, the young Point guard turned a lot of heads in his direction thanks to his mature game, nice shooting stroke and excellent passing ability. By averaging 15.9 points and 3.9 assists per game, Campara was one of the best poing guards of this Tournament, creating a great duo with Dzanan Musa, leading Bosnia and Herzegovina all the way to the 9th place. Stefanos Makris was able to interview him after the 9th place game against China, with Campara declaring that he is ready for the next step on his career, which apparently will be in Real Madrid!

How did you manage to find motivation after the loss to Australia in the Top-16 and take the 9th place?

We had to win against Australia in the Top-16, but it was our fault that we lost. We didn't execute then and we lost. But still, 9th place in the world it's a great achievement because it was the first time in our history that we played in a World Championship, so we are not so sad.

You were missing a key player like Njegos Sikiras in this Tournament. Do you think that if he was here you would have finished in a higher place?

Of course. He is a great player and without him we were short in the center position and everybody took advantage of it in rebounding.

And that was also the problem in the game against Australia right, because Australia had a lot of big guys.

Yes, exactly. They were stronger than us and they outjumped us, so that was a big problem.

What is your opinion about the level of competition of this Tournament?

It was a great Tournament against the best teams. Every team that was here had won something or played really good and it was a great Tournament, so we are happy that we had the chance to play against the best players of the world.

On personal level, are you happy with yourself and your performances on this Tournament?

I could have played better but, like I said, it was the first time we played in a World Championship. We weren't so good, we expected more, but the important thing is that in the end we managed to take the 9th place.

Do you think that the fact that this year you had significant playing time at Senior level with your team, Spars Sarajevo, helped you develop as a player?

Yes I think so, because I competed against stronger players and I felt that it helped me.

It seems like Spars Sarajevo has a really good youth system, trusting young players like Edin Atic and Nedim Buza in the past and now you.

They are doing great work and now we see more Bosnian players in the NBA like Yusuf Nurkic and Mirza Teletovic, so in a couple of years we want to have a good National team and try to fight against the best National teams in the World.

What are your goals for this year? Do you expect to have a bigger role in your team?

Right now I am about to transfer to Real Madrid. So my goal is to train real hard and go from there.

Are you expecting to learn a lot from players like Sergio Rodriguez and Sergio Llull?

Yes of course because they are great players, two of the best players in Europe, so I will be happy to learn from them.

Who are your favorite players, the ones you admire the most?

Milos Teodosic and Vasillis Spanoulis because they play in my position and I learned a lot by watching them. They have the same mentality and I like watching them.

Last question: Where do you see yourself in the future? What is the ideal scenario that you have in your mind?

Future is a big word. First of all I want to train hard an listen to my coaches so that I would be able to improve as a player and then, who knows? Maybe I will go to the NBA, maybe I will play in the Euroleague, I don't know. The first thing that I have to do is to work hard and then we'll see.

By Stefanos Makris

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