Ben Simmons - PICK #1. Simmons, who was predicted unanimous 1st pick of the Draft before the season, has disappointed during his year in LSU, and Ingram, with a huge season in Duke, threats now his crown. The Aussie is still the best prospect on the list, and should be selected for the 76ers as 1st pick. He is the classic all-around player, a left-handed combo forward with great athleticism, and strong and fast for his size. He combines size plus wingspan, with a body and conditions in HS never seen since LeBron James. He has very good ball-handling and dribbling skills on 1on1, great feeling for offensive rebound adding points in second chance, he is powerful facing the basket, and never avoids contact, strong dunker, good for fast transitions where he is also able to play as PG. Very good footwork in low post, with huge advantage against smaller defenders, very good first step in both side of penetrations, able to spin or layup, and what make him even better is his talent to pass the ball, really good vision for a SF, and very good sharing the ball after penetrations and when he receives a 2on1 in the zone. The only thing he has to improve to make a better impact on NBA is his shot, mid and long range. He is also talented in defense, very good ball stealer in pass lines, great shot blocker with very good help defense concepts. Sometimes he could be tougher on 1on1 defense in low post, and raise his arm activity on ball rotation shot defense. No doubt he will have a great career in NBA.

Jamal Murray - PICK #4-6. Jamal Murray has shown in Kentucky during the season that he is a natural talented player with very good physical condition and strong body, able to adapt himself to any rol in NBA. He is an excellent three point shooter, all around after pass or in bouncing actions. He needs to control his 3P selection, especially if he has a minor rol. Great ball handling and dribbling skills for the 1on1, but he could take more advantage of his body in penetrations. Very good passing skills, excellent footwork on blind screen shoots and good pick & roll game concepts. He is also a excellent mid range shooter, and able to create his own shot, and has a good penetration skills, both sides, able to quick spin and finish with both hands. He has good hands and feet activity on 1on1 defense, but he could be more active in Off Ball D, especially in second help defenses to low post.

Jakob Poeltl - PICK #8-10. Excellent sophomore season for Jakob Poeltl in Utah, proving that sometimes is better to spend one year more in college than the “one and done”. He has raised both stats and impact on the game, and had become a better player who could have huge impact in any team since his rookie year. He has good size and wingspan, an incredible IQ, and is fast for his size. He is good finishing with both hands, has a very good footwork on 1on1 in low post, with both hand hook shots. Good P&R game concepts, quick first step for penetration and he is also a good offensive rebounder. What could he improve? His mid range shoots to be more complete, his FT percentage, and has to continue bulking up to compete against the stronger centers in NBA. Talking about defense he is a great rebounder (9.2 with Utah last season), good footwork for the 1on1, excellent shot blocker, has very good help defense concepts, but could suffer against stronger centers on low post defense.

By Marcos Fernandez

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