Paskal Siakam - 2nd rounder, 30-45. After a great freshman year in New Mexico State, Siakam has made a bigger impact in his second season with the Aggies, averaging 20.1 points and 11.6 boards per game, what have made him a potential second rounder in the 2016 Draft. From a big family of basketball, as his brother James is playing in the D-League, Paskal has an excellent physical condition with athleticism plus wingspan. He is also coordinate for his size; but needs to bulk up in order to be ready for the first level. He is a polyvalent PF, an excellent offensive rebounder, despite of his lack of athleticism he feels comfortable finishing in contact to drawn fouls and score, good footwork on 1x1 low post, and effective hook shots, and he has improved his mid range shot last year. He has to continue improving his mid and long range shot to raise his zone action, and needs to improve his ball handling and dribbling skills, to face the basket from high post. In defense he is an excellent rebounder, good blocker, due to his timing plus wingspan, acceptable footwork on lateral movement, but could suffer in 1on1 low post defense against stronger players. He could be a good second round steal for any team, because he can still grow and develop his game further in the NBA.

Rosco Allen - later 2 nd rounder. After a great junior season in Stanford, Rosco Allen looks now for a spot in the NBA Draft. He could be a late 2 nd rounder, as fits well in a team with a specific role player coming off the bench. Rosco is a combo forward, with good physical condition and strong body. He is a complete offensive player, with a good three point shot, all around after pass, and acceptable after bounce –he should keep working on this one-. He has a good mid range shot, able to create his own shots, great ball handling and dribbling skills to face the basket on 1on1, and he is able to play both pick&roll and pick&pop. He has a great IQ and is a proper passing skill, with low turnovers ratio in passing actions. Good in both side penetrations. He needs to improve his 1on1 actions on low post –especially if he wants to play overseas-, and his free throw percentage. In defense he is a good defensive rebounder for his position, and has a good help defense concept, both in “2-3 zone”, as to low post from low post. He has to raise his arm activity on 1x1 shots defense, and his footwork on blind screens defense. Why could be he selected and Jankovic or Jovanovic, two prospects that we will analyze in the next post, as later 2 nd rounder? Because, like we said, he could adapt his game better to a role than this two.

Mamadou N´Diaye - later 2 nd rounder. Speaking about role players in the NBA, here you have another one, Mamadou N´Diaye, who became a star in collage for his size, but he is much more than 2.29 meters. The Afrikaner has developed his game a lot in his sophomore year in UC Irvine, and has now more skills that make him an interesting player for many teams. He has huge size & wingspan but needs to continue working on his athleticism improving speed and speed reaction. He has to improve also his FT percentage, but he had improved in this area the past season. His size allows him to grab offensive rebounds adding second chance points, and he is a strong dunker in finishing. He had improved also his 1on1 skills, especially with his right hook shot, and has a good use of his body to draw fouls in low post. He could improve his hands in passing receptions, and has to avoid get down the ball in low post and being faster. He could improve his skills with his left hand, and add more skills in 1on1, especially in his footwork. In defense he is one of the top international blockers in NCAA, very good defensive rebounder, but he needs to improve in some areas: footwork in lateral movement, low post help defenses, jumping in pump fakes, off ball weak side footwork, and in the 1on1 against smaller players in turns defense. My predict: he could be selected as later 2 nd rounder and be assigned to NBA D-League next year and keep developing his game there.

By Marcos Fernandez

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