Stefan Jankovic - PF 2.11 1993 Canada, UNDRAFTED. The Canadian is an all-round player for Europe who could have a big impact overseas since his first pro year, but I don’t see many chances for him in the NBA Draft 2016. He could earn himself a spot in a roster during the Summer League or training camp, but the most intelligent thing for him is keep on developing his game in the old continent. Jankovic has both size and wingspan, and is a really complete Power Forward, as he can score in many ways and being a threat in different offensive areas. He is active in the offensive rebound, has good ball handling with both hands, has a very good footwork and skills in low post 1on1, and is able to create his own shots after bounce. What makes him a complete player is his shot range: good mid range shooter after bounce or pass, and good three point shooter, especially in catch&shoot, with a very good pick&pop concepts. He had improved also his FT percentage, and has good passing skills. He could improve his shot selection, needs to add muscle to be more decisive in low post if he wants to play in the NBA, and has to improve also his P&R game and the way he uses his body on penetrations to be tougher finishing in contact. In defense he is a good defensive rebounder, very good help defense concepts in low post to penetrations. Good P&R defender in down and flash defense, and good shot blocker. He could improve his body control in help defense and his pick&roll flash defense, sometimes very long with no time to recover.

Nikola Jovanovic - PF/C 2.08 1994 Serbia, UNDRAFTED. In his junior year in USC, the Serbian has matched his number from sophomore year, proving that he is ready to start his pro career after a good three seasons in college playing for the Trojans. Jovanovic has good size and strong body, athleticism and brilliant basketball IQ. He is really intelligent on the court, and could adapt his game to Europe immediately. He is a very good offensive rebounder, adding points in second chance, he is able to play penetration from high post, dominating the left side, and has fast footwork in 1on1 low post actions. He has acceptable both P&R and P&P concepts, and good touch to finish on the rim. He is able to score in mid range shot, and knowing that he is not a good 3p shooter, has improved his percentage from downtown in the last year (from 15% to 53%). He has good passing skills from high and low post and is a talented player in 1on1 low post with hook and semi-hook shot. He could improve his spacing P&R continuations, his ball handling to be better facing the basket, his consistency in the mid range shot to raise his zone action and his FT percentage, where he is inconsistent. He needs to be tougher finishing in low post contact shots and improve his bounce selection in low post 1on1 avoiding turnovers. In defense he is a very good defensive rebounder (7 boards per game last season), has very good defense concepts in low post penetration and has a good footwork on lateral movement who makes him able to defend de 1on1 from high post properly. Good P&R defender, as he is able to both flash and switch, and good 1on1 defender in low post. He has to improve his help defense: his Off Ball footwork in weak side being faster to open shots, his arm activity and his P&P defense avoiding open shots.

Christopher Obekpa - Center 2.06 1993 Nigeria, UNDRAFTED. After a red shirt season for the Rebels, Obekpa declared himself for the Draft without hiring an agent, so the chances for him to come back to college are high, since he didn’t had the opportunity to play for UNLV after three good season with St John´s, where he earn himself a name in the country as one of the best shot blockers. He is a player with an overwhelming physical condition, long wingspan and excellent timing to be a beast on defense. He is a strong dunker, hard finisher above the rim, with good P&R concepts. He has proper passing skills from high post, but has to continue working on his footwork and skills in 1on1 low post, his left hand skills and his range in shooting, even knowing he has improved his mid range shoot during his three years in St John´s. In defense Obekpa has his best skills: good defensive rebounder, high intensity defender, excellent shot blocker (3.2 per game two seasons ago), acceptable help defense concepts in low post, and good 1on1 defender there. He has to improve his P&R flash defense, P&P defense, and could be more focused in Off Ball D. He has do some workouts with NBA franchises but the wisest decision for him is return to UNLV, end his senior year in college and look for a spot in the NBA in one year, when he will be a better player.

By Marcos Fernandez

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