Skal Labissiere - PICK #10-15. Another great prospect coming from the “one and done” program of Coach Cal and Kentucky, that didn’t develop his game as expected. Minor rol in the Wildcats, that make us and teams hesitate about his immediate impact in the NBA. He has both huge size and wingspan, and is fast and well coordinated for his size, but needs to work on his upper body strengths. He is a good offensive rebounder, adding second chance points, and a monster dunker, finishing above the rim. He had improved his low post 1on1 skills, finishing with both hands hook shots. His lack of strength would make him have problems with contacts in penetrations, and he has also to keep improving his footwork in low post. He should improve his mid range shoot to be more complete and a bigger threat. Excellent defender has a very good footwork on lateral movement, excellent shot blocker, and very good concepts in low post to penetration. He could improve his body control and raise his arm activity in help defense.

Domantas Sabonis - PICK #10-15. He is the same example that Poeltl, as he decided to return to Gonzaga for his sophomore year and has also improved both his numbers and impact on the team (from 9.7ptos 7.1rebs to 17.1pts and 11.1rebs). He combines a great college career with international experience playing in Spain and with the Lithuania national team, where he has proved he can compete against the best. He is a really complete player in the offense: able to finish with both hands, great low post skills and footwork, very good finisher in continuations –really good P&R game skills-, aggressive offensive rebounder, and also able to score mid range shoots. He has to continue bulking up and has to be more consistent with his shot. In defense, great rebounder –he has a special feel-, very good defender in P&R mismatch situations, good foot work in lateral movements, and good ball stealer in pass lines. He needs to be more decided and decisive in help defense, and sometimes shows lack of aggressiveness in low post 1on1. To conclude: Sabonis is now of one the best player on the NBA Draft, but is difficult to predict what could be his top on the league.

Cheick Diallo - 1ST ROUND, PICK #20-30. He was one of the big names before the season, but his lack of opportunities in Kansas has made him drop to the end of the first round. He has an excellent physical condition, combining athleticism and quickness, and huge wingspan. He is a very good offensive rebounder, has a good shoot from mid range, strong dunker and he is a very good player for fast transitions. Acceptable footwork on 1on1 dominating to right side, and has shown nice passing skills for a big man. He needs to keep improving his footwork in low post, has to be more consistent on his shoot, and has to improve his touch finishing with both hands in the zone. Defense, great rebounder, very good shot blocker, good help defense concepts in low post, good footwork on lateral movement, but he needs to work harder on improving his body control in help defense, and his off ball D on weak side avoiding open shots. No doubt right now he is worse than Poeltl or Sabonis, but his roof could be higher than them.

By Marcos Fernandez - (Photo by Robert Johnson/Icon Sportswire)

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