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Francisco Caffaro Center 2.12 00': As I told since the first day I watched him play, for me is the main Argentinean prospect in center position since long time ago. Mixing huge size with mobility, agility and strong personality, unique in Argentina. Also we have to talk about his fast development, his body and coachbility allows him to grow faster than other players. In every tournament seems better than before, adding new skills to his game. From WC maybe he wasn't so focused in defensive rebounds as he uses, especially in box out and with put backs when he was able to take the ball. Also I watched him a little distracted on 1x1 situations. Rebounds and toughness in defense were strengths on his game before the WC, maybe he was influenced by some little injury because he didn't play friendly games and also lost first game on the tournament, at the end only averaged 3.6 rpg in 22 minutes. Has room of improvement as blocker on timing, finished with 0 blocks for his size and physical conditioning, needs to add experience to raise his defensive IQ in those actions. However is able to change shots only with his wingspan and speed. Francisco chose to stay with feet on the ground and arms up. He has really a great defensive potential and I'm pretty sure will improve with practices and learning to be a rim protector on highest level. In offense showed his technical improvement, being able to score 16 points vs USA and 19 against China with Zhu (6' 11'')on the paint, with his nice touch on right hook shots and being a hard finisher with some powerful dunks. Anyway he needs to continue developing his left hand and contact finishing where he struggles. Something really positive is the fact that he was able to take fouls, averaging 55% from the line with 6 shots attempted per game. Keeps improving on his pick & roll continuations and in off ball game. Has to work harder on his low post footwork back to the basket, emphasizing to right side, also could improve on his ball handling. His near and mid range shot is developing to the next level, with a clean shooting mechanical that will open the doors of the PF position in the future. Without doubt Caffaro and Lopez are the best prospects on Argentina U17 team and are on the top international of their generations.

Nicolas Franco Center 2.04 99': After the tournament I talked about the new Peñarol Mar del Plata player as the more skilled of the group. His low post footwork worked against teams as Lithuania, but struggled against Mali and his sized and athletic inside game. Averaged 7.1 ppg in 25.9 min. Wasn't able to be the offensive referring as he was on the friendly games before the WC being the best scorer of the Argentinean squad. Is clear that the collective lacks affected him suffering to get the ball inside the paint. Franco was the best rebounder of the team (7.9 rpg) showing his good hands and exploding his corpulence to grab defensive rebounds. He struggled on open PF's defense due his lack of lateral movement. Has to get lighter to play as PF on the future, because his size limited himself as pure center. So has to work on his mobility and agility to find a spot on the dynamic modern basketball. His "old school" skills flashed by moments on the low post, with good movements, technical skills and good touch on finishing near to the basket. Played a little far from the rim sharing minutes with pure centers. Had improved his shot during last year, especially in the way the ball leave his hands, even he only scored 45% from the FT line. Has to add mid range and three point shot to his skills to be a 4/5 complete player.

Andres Bodach PF 2.04 00' : 15 yo with raw material: good sized, mobile, wingspan and agility, really interesting for the future. Andres didn't play his best on TBF U16 last February, but on the WC had some good games as vs Spain. After that game the coaching staff did not give him much minutes to contribute. With his physical conditions, added rebounds, blocks and some steals on the paint against the WC semi-finalist. In offense is fast on pick & roll continuations and able to finish with both hands. Has to add tactical IQ and continue with his technical work, especially in his outside shot because it seems that his future position will be open PF. Is able to play face to the basket due his ball handling but needs to be more decided in scoring area. Seems a little shy on the court and plays better on the practices than on the games. With only 15 yo and his 2.04 plus his physical conditions is pretty sure that will continue growing. Personally is one the most interesting 2000 prospects to work harder. His club Regatas de Corrientes has experience on big man development, hope to work with Andres the same than Javier Saiz or Matias Bortolin on the past.

Juan Cruz Germano Center 2.08 99': One of the players with more minutes from the beginning of the tournament. Was his first appearance on the U18 NT and also had few minutes on his club Boca Juniors. His great size and wingspan didn't help on the defensive game as we expected. His lack of mobility limited his defense against athletic players and also showed lacks on tactical concepts, anyway he can improve with work and experience. Physically has to work on his mobility and agility to be decisive on defense. Averaged only 2.3 rpg in 15.1 min and wasn't able to block one shot in the tournament. Needs to improve his defensive IQ and the habit of boxing out. In offense has to improve his technical resources to score, averaged only 0.6 ppg, so has to work on his hook shot, low post footwork and pick & roll being faster on continuations. His personal and basketball biography is very emotional. Grown on a low-income home, could find on basketball a professional career, but has to work extra hours to achieve it, also learn to control his strong personality.

Christian Bihurriet Center/PF 2.08 00': "Colo" was the player with less minutes on the team, only 3.3 per game. Is difficult to have an opinion from this tournament, but on TBF U16 showed that he's improving. Began to play basketball one year ago and has good size, mobility and agility, so has potential for the future in a long term. Has to improve his tactical (offensive and defensive), technical skills and his coordination with the ball. Sure he added experience even he played few minutes.

By Francisco Pedernera

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