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Lautaro Lopez PG/SG 1.88 99': PG body, SG scoring ability. That's many scout definition about Lautaro, after watched him playing as SG on U17 WC, for me Lopez fix better in "high scoring PG" definition. Able to average 17 ppg on 33 min on the court, wondered everybody with his wide technical resources and his skills to score. Had improved his shooting mechanical in last year, now the ball leave smoother from his hand, this improvement raise his potential even more. Has to raise his % being more consistent, but his inconsistency goes with his age. His ball handling is great with explosive first step and skilled in penetrations, however has to improve his finishing against bigger and athletic players being more decided in contact. Also this last year has improved his athleticism, plus his wingspan make him better on rebound (6.7 rpg), steals (2.4 spg) and even block (0.7 bpg)areas. On defense also had raised his performance, but has to keep working his body to compete at pro level. The kid from San Lorenzo also has to improve his decision making as playmaker, directing and making better his teammates, finished with 2.7 apg, but showing room of improvement on court vision and technical skills on passing. But his role on the team was clearly score. His potential is high, personally I think he's able to improve as playmaker and be a pure PG with scoring ability. Hope not to lose his spark during the transition to pro level.

Francisco Farabello PG 1.88 00': One of the youngest player on the team, only 15 yo. After the WC we said as main virtue his game management, defense and solidity on the court. After the tournament is clear he ratified this profile adding some impact games. He averaged 24.8 min 5 p 3.6 rb and 3 assist per game. The young player from Santafe has good physical conditioning for his age and good prospect for the future: is fast running the court and also in lateral movement. With quick hands to steal (1.9 stpg). Also has good outside shot with fast and smooth shooting mechanic, without doubt needs to be more consistent (27.8% 3PT)but is on the way to achieve it. Doesn't use too much his shot after dribble and needs to learn when use it to be more complete. In penetration showed a good first step and is able to finish with both hands and even in contact. One of the best Argentinean on the tournament contributed not only with stats, also with solidity and on decision taking. One of the top prospects for the pro level.

Franco Baralle PG 1.80 99' : From Cordoba, his function was very clear: create game and score. His talent gave to the team offensive resources, but not with enough regularity. Showed dependence on his outside shot with low percentage 20.9%. Due his physical characteristics playing against bigger players struggled on penetrations. Finished with 21.6 min and 7.3 ppg being third best Argentinean scorer. Shared a lot of minutes with Lopez & Farabello as PG, so his assist numbers were only correct 1.4 apg. On defense showed good attitude trying not to be passed on 1on1 situations, something that he achieve by moments.

Cristian Cardo SG 1.98 99': Also from Cordoba, Cristian is actually on physical growing age, last year added 5 cm to his age and has to learn how to work with his new "body", needs time and patience. His technical skills are solid, being able to play the pick & roll as handler, good shooter and naturally ball handler. All of this strength will explode with future physical strength. Started the tournament on the five, but for technical decision (playing with two PG) reduced his minutes: 13.5 min and 3 ppg. Struggled in penetration and also to find open shots (16% 3PT), from the line showed his good hand (83% FT). Has to improve his feet speed, his strength in lower and upper body and his athleticism. Seems like the late bloomer from 99' Argentinean generation, has hidden potential, if he works harder could explode in few years, all depends on him.

Esteban de la Fuente SG 1.95 00': One of the top scoring Argentinean U18 talent in last years. Was third best scorer (18.3 ppg) in U16 TBF Turkey on February, then only played 7.4 min per game in WC. I always thought on him like one of the best prospects to compete in this tournament as he showed on the friendly games but was relegated to the bench. This decision also affected to his self-confidence and wasn't able to show on the court what he's able. Without doubt will be one of the top prospects on the next level. His naturally gifted: good size and physical conditions, lot of technical resources to score and winner mentality, something really unusual on U18 Argentineans. Has to use the experience on WC to work harder in a positive way, one key for young player development.

Jonathan Basualdo SF 1.97 99': As we told on the pre-tournament post, Basualdo is actually changing position from PF to SF. As is usual on this case, the physical and technical level to compete on International level is higher. However the young boy from Atenas de Córdoba always shows attitude and passion, making the "dirty work". Played 21.1 min per game and scored 5 ppg. Tried to contribute in fast breaks and in static with off ball movement. Struggled playing face to the basket because the physical level of his defenders. Made some outside shots, but without consistency (23.5% 3PT). "Jony" has to work on his future, not only in technical skills, also improve his body for his new position as SF, being lighter, more agile and flexible.

Ignacio Cuassolo SF 1.98 99': The young SF from Cordoba has a similar case of Jony. Has to adapt his body to SF because seems a little heavy to stop rivals in the same position. "Nacho" plays on his club (Hindu)as PF seems was a kid, so his adaptation has to be also technical and specially in ball handling. Played 25 min and scored 6.9 ppg. His outside shot gave him good results on some games, always with feet of the ground in catch & shot being the best on the team (36.4% 3PT). In penetrations from weak side showed his toughness, but has to improve his skills in finishing and ball handling facing the basket. Also played some minutes as PF and felt more comfortable. Has hard work for the future. Let's see if he's able to play as SF o finally will be an open PF. Both Basualdo and him has this challenge for the future.

By Francisco Pedernera

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