Dzanan Musa: 50 points? Another day in the office for me

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"50 points? Another day in the office for me"

Scoutbasketball had the chance to interview Bosnian prospect Dzanan Musa (SG 2.04 99') moments after he had just scored 50 points against Chinese Taipei at FIBA U17 World Championship. He is considered one of the best International prospects of his Generation. And in the game against Chinese Taipei he was able to show the world, once again, what he can do, scoring 50 points, setting a new record for FIBA's U17 World Championship. Moments after his amazing performance, Stefanos Makris inteviewed him.

You just scored 50 points. How does it feel to score 50?

The truth is that it doesn't matter for me, because we lost yesterday against Australia. Before the game I set a goal to score 50 points and I did it, but it was another day in the office for me.

Did yesterday's loss from Australia worked as a motivation for you?

Yes it did. Every failure works as a motivation for me and I worked harder today and I accomplished what I did today. It was really emotional yesterday, we cried a lot, but we wanted to show everydbody that we still have motivation, we worked hard and we won.

What's your next goal for this tournament as a team?

We are focusing on our next games. We have to win our next 2 games, take the 9th place, so that we can be happy when the tournament ends.

There are many scouts from Colleges here to watch you. Is this in your mind?

I know that there are a lot of scouts here, but like I said before, this was just another day in the office for me. I came in the game focused and I scored 50 points. It will be great for me to play in the NBA in the futue and try to score 50 points there also.

Do you feel any pressure knowing that everybody is watching you?

No I don't feel pressure. I mean, of course there is pressure, but that's good pressure. I play with pressure all the time, so I am happy to see all the NBA and college scouts here and I am proud of it.

Do you have a player as an idol, that you follow his game?

Kobe Bryant. He had everything. I started playing basketball because of him and I look up to him.

What about next year with Cedevita. What is your goal? Do you think that you will have more playng time?

Yes I think so. I talked with the coach and we made a deal to play more this year. (Cedevita) has a lot of young players. I will probably play one or two more years in Europe and then go to the NBA.

Is 2018 the year you will declare in the draft?

Yes, that's what I have in mind.

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By Stefanos Makris

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