Ahmed Khalaf "I only have my team in mind"

Image of Ahmed Khalaf "I only have my team in mind"
Scoutbasketball interviewed Egyptian prospect Ahmad Khalaf (C 2.06 99') after Egypt's last game in the World Championship.

Ahmed Khalaf was one of the best centers in FIBA's U17 World Championship. Playing for Egypt, Manresa's center was impressive, turning a lot of heads in his directions thanks to his surprisingly good footwrok in the post and rebounding ability. Stefanos Makris was able to interview him for Scoutbasketball after the end of the World Championship, that found Egypt finishing at the last place.

Can you tell me your first thoughts about the tournament?

I have been in a World Cup before, but this Tournament was by far the strongest and most difficult Tournament I have participated, because all teams were strong.

Do you think that Egypt deserved something more that the last place?

Yes I think that we deserved something more.

What did Egypt learn from this Tournament? Is there anything that you will keep?

Now we really know how it feels to compete against the best teams. We've been in this kind of Tournament before and we had more ego that we should. Now we know that we should let our ego aside and continue working to be better.

On personal level, you had some great games here. Are you satisfied with yourself?

I wasn't thinking about myself when I was playing. I was playing for the team and I wasn't concerned about my numbers. It was never about me, I only had my team in my mind.

You have a really smooth game with nice footwork. Is that natural or did someone help you with your game?

I started in Egypt playing for Zamalek and my coaches really helped me there to learn the game. Then I came in Spain last year for Manresa and I started develop my game and improve.

Is there a player that you learned from by watching him playing?

Pau Gasol and Dejan Musli are the players I look up to. Musli helped me a lot with my game in Manresa. He is a really good player and also a very nice guy. I like his game but at the same time I want to be something different, I want to become the best player I can.

What about next year? Do you know Manresa's plans for you?

I was told that I will play with the Senior team this year, but I don't know if this is possible. We will see.

What is your dream? Where do you see yourself in the future?

I want to take it step by step. My first goal is to play in the ACB and if I have the chance in the future I would like to play in the NBA.

By Stefanos Makris

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