Rodions Kurucs: after being injured most of 15-16 season, Rodions showed that he's back and continues improving his game. In offense, has a very good ball handling and dribbling skills in outside 1x1, being able to penetrate and finish with both hands too. Good first step from static 1x1 and very vertical in transition actions. Plays above the rim and he likes to dunk with force if it's possible. Has improved in create his own shot after bounce from three or mid range and has raised some consistency in catch and shot, even though he struggled with his shot on first game vs Mega his good IQ help him to continue adding for his team in penetrations and kicking out with double defense. Acceptable activity in offensive rebounds from weak side, could improve his box out to be more decisive. In defense was correct in 1x1 due his good lateral movement, in off ball has good tactical concepts in help defenses. Could raise his activity in defensive rebounds. He still as a solid NBA prospect because of his quality and size for SF, future first round.

Atoumane Diagne: For us was the most decisive pure center in the tournament. Possesses great body mixing size and strength to a good mobility. In offense has the killing instinct to finish as hard as possible every ball he gets, powerful and fast in dunking over defenders. Very good offensive rebounder adding second chance points. Good screener in P&R and acceptable spacing in continuations, could improve his IQ when second help wait him in low post after P&R avoiding travellng turnovers. Showed good hands in catching. Surprised hitting some mid range shots after pass from high post with a very interesting shooting mechanical, finished with 3/5. In low post game has to continue improving his footwork and skills, especially being deeper in turns and left hand using. Also could improve his passing skills in kick out or to cuts. On defense is a solid defender in low post 1x1 due his size and wingspan, in P&R down defense showed good lateral movement to guard and block smaller players, solid rim protector in off ball and rebounding, but could be faster in first pass to PG/SG. Next year will be on LEB Oro FC Barcelona roster, the coaches trust in his potential and development because he's smarter than everybody thinks. NBA prospect, future first round if he continues working as he does.

Eric Vila: The maybe future NCAA player showed versatility on his game. Even he's not a pure shooter ended with a good 40% in 3PT, dominating from wings and corners in catch & shoot, also in the final game scored two outside shots after bounce on 1x1 actions. His wrist position in shooting mechanical could be improved. Good ball handler with both hands is able to take PG position in transition game and P&R but dominates with right hand, his left hand skills also could be improved, especially in penetrations being deeper in first left bounce and avoiding turnovers. The main point to improve is his toughness in penetrations, has to be more decisive and raise his contact level to take the next step on his game, this is directly connected to the lack of muscle in his upper body right now. Showed a good touch in finishing with lay ups and floaters, but needs to use his left hand in finishing more usual that he actually does. Has proper passing skills in static game and acceptable passer in penetrations, but could improve his kick out pass to weak side while penetrating. Acceptable off ball game due baseline cuts and in offensive rebound from weak side. On defense: has good lateral movement to guard smallers SF's in outside 1x1 but another time could raise his contact level to be peskier. Uses his wingspan to steal balls in pass lines and be an acceptable shot blocker. Good defensive rebounder due size but sometimes loses his pair in box out actions. Showed his maturity and winning attitude playing a great final game, especially clearing doubts about his outside shot hitting a 5/7. NCAA will be the best for him to bulk up and raise his toughness, potential NBA second round pick.

Aleix Font: Aleix Font was the "key in the shadow" for FCB to win the tournament due his passion and intangibles. Has very good ball handling with both hands being vertical in fast transition and penetration action, good finishing skills with both hands in lay ups, floaters or attacking strong to the basket. Good catch and shot from three, dominating from wing and corners, also is able to create his own shot after bounce from mid range. Even he's not an excellent passer takes care of the ball and uses his IQ to take the right decision almost every time. On defense is real active with great attitude, pesky defender on 1x1 with hands and feet in continuous movement and a good feeling to take offensive fouls. Always keeps focused in off ball help and second help defense, also involved in defensive rebounds. Excellent teammate and the kind of player every coach want to have due his work and effort. Potential solid ACB player.

By Ramon Carbonell

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